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Philosophy of Wing Lam Kung Fu

Wing Lam Kung Fu is dedicated to teaching authentic Chinese Kung Fu, teaching each style in its entirety as a complete system. We teach not only the movements and techniques but also focus on the principals and foundations. Empty hand, weapons and internal power are all brought to light.

At the Wing Lam Kung Fu School, we treat students as part of a family. There are no belts or ranks (except for our children's class!). Senior students are the elders in our family; all new students are considered as our treasured next generation.

We believe it is our duty to try our best to instruct those who are enthusiastic about learning Kung Fu. We will exhaust our knowledge of the arts to help those who are eager and determined to learn. We will work together to achieve better health and to enjoy the arts.

As with lotuses in a pond,
Some have risen to the water's level,
Others still remain beneath the surface.
In the same way with the different martial arts,
There are warriors developing at different levels.

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