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Philosophy of Training

The words Kung Fu do not translate to mean martial art. Instead, they speak of skill developed through much time and effort. This is the prime philosophy behind any form of Kung Fu Training. "Kung Fu is not a road to a door, but a path leading forever towards the horizon." Some may jokingly call the training philosophy simply: "train more, train harder". The practice of Kung Fu is to improve one's self, both in body and in mind. Everyone will bring different goals to class, and everyone will have different aspirations. Kung Fu training can accommodate all who are willing to invest the time and effort into improving themselves. Honest and focused training, training with intent and with respect. Kung Fu training may be in many ways one of the most challenging disciplines student's encounter in life. Student's who demonstrate humility and seek reward from within, students who then train with patience, persistence and constant practice, those students will then become proficient in Kung Fu.

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