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The Wing Lam Kung Fu school was founded in 1967 by Master Kwong Wing Lam. Since then, Wing Lam Kung Fu has taught over 6000 students world wide, and to date, seven of his students oversee their own schools. Wing Lam Kung Fu offers in-house Adult and Children's classes, along with distance learning programs and a certificate program. Private instruction is also available with Sifu Lam.

Sun Style Tai Chi Research Foundation

Although largely unknown outside of China, Sun style is one the four Tai Chi styles authorized for competition in the Asian games (the other three being Yang, Chen, and Wu). Developed by the famous grandmaster Sun Lu Tang (1861 - 1933), it is also the most modern of all recognized Tai Chi styles. Best known for incorporationg elements derived from Xing Yi and Ba Gua, two other internal martial arts systems, Sun style tai chi represents a marriage of past and present, resulting in a system of movement appropriate for people of all ages.

Grandmaster Wing Lam

Sifu Kwong Wing Lam was born in Canton and began his training in Chinese martial arts in Hong Kong at age eight. He began his studies in Tai Chi. But because of its slow movements and focus on meditation rather than physical activity, Tai Chi was a poor choice for one of his age.

Wing Lam Kung Fu

Wing Lam Kung Fu is chartered to provide high quality Martial Arts instruction and products to a broad audience. We believe it is our duty to instruct anyone who is enthusiastic about learning Kung Fu. We will exhaust our knowledge of the arts to help those who are eager and determined to learn. We will work with you to achieve better health and to enjoy the arts.

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