Double Headed Spear

Double Headed Spear

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Spear Head: Both spear heads are constructed of cold-rolled, chrome plated steel and formed in the traditional diamond shape. They are stiff and unsharpened with rounded points. Include large red tassels. Each head is approximately 10" in length.

Shaft: Machined White Wax Wood is used for this spear's shaft. It is very smooth and fairly lightweight.The machined Wax Wood has no natural knobs as with the natural finished and it is straight tapering down to each spear head. Overall length, including shaft and heads, is approximately 82". The diameter around the middle of the shaft is approximately 1 1/8”.

Approximate Weight: 2 lbs.

Recommended use: This Double Headed Spear is made for use in traditional internal and external kung fu training, demonstration, and competition.