Bagua Broadsword

Premium Bagua Broadsword

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The Premium Bagua Broadsword is made by the Long Chaun Sword Factory.  This swords blade is stiff with a moderate flex and made of High Carbon Steel.  The blade will hold its own weight when resting on its tip.  The swords spine starts at 1/4" and tapers to less than 1/8". The blade has the etching of bagua and the ying yang symbol. The Premium Bagua Broadswords guard is made of brass with a plum flower shaped design.  The handle has a tight woven red and black corded wrap and measures 15.5" in length.  The scabbard is wood with stamped brass fittings. 

Blade length: 39.5"

Sword Approximate Overall length: 55.25"

Approximate Sword Weight:  3.7 lbs.

Approximate Total Weight: 6.2 lbs.