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Wind and Fire Wheels

These Wind and Fire Wheels are made of thick, chrome-plated, cold-rolled steel with wrapped wooden handles. The Wind and Fire Wheels are a pair of weapons most often associated with Tai Chi, and to a lesser extent Ba Gua. In this design, they are similar to Sun and Moon Rings, but with three steel "flame" tips protruding from the top and sides, as well as four hooks protruding between the "flames". In combat, the Wind and Fire Wheels can be used to parry, hook, slash, and stab. This version is made for practice and performance, with unsharpened edges. Sold as a pair.

The Wind and Fire Wheels are very unique weapons. You can learn more about them and their use in Dr. Steve L. Sun's books, Tai Chi Chuan Wind & Fire Wheels and Advanced Tai Chi Chuan Wind and Fire Wheels.

  • Approximate Length (from bottom of handle to tip of the top "flame"): 15"
  • Approximate Width (from tip to tip of side "flames"): 18 1/4"
  • Approximate Weight (per wheel): 2 lbs.

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Wind and Fire Wheels