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Martial Art Swords

We carry a large variety of martial arts swords for Chinese kung fu and wushu, as well as almost every martial art that utilizes bladed weapons. Blades are available in several different grades of steel including damascus and high-carbon stainless steel, as well as wooden and rubber foam varieties for safe practice and sparring. Different sword types include Chinese broadswords (dao) in both ox-tail and willow leaf designs, straightswords (jian), tai chi swords, sabers, butterfly swords, Japanese swords, Kendo swords, antiques and custom swords. For Iaido pracitioners or anyone interested in cutting (tameshigiri), we also offer tatami mats and cutting stands here.
ANT002_small.jpg Antique Weapons

Antique Weapons, Antique Swords,

Antique Kwan Dao

Ba Gua Dao Bagua Big Broadswords

Bagua Big Broadswords, Ba Gua Dao

Traditional Broadsword with Scabbard Broadswords

Broadswords, Wushu Broadswords,

Traditional Broadswords, Wood Broadswords 

Combat Steel Broadswords, Double Broadswords,

Double Butterfly Swords, Miao Dao,

Tai Chi Broadswords

1011-GT.gif Combat Steel Broadswords and Straight Swords

Combat Steel Swords, Damascus Swords,

Cutting Swords, Stainless Steel Swords,

Custom Swords

Combat Steel Butterfly Swords Double Butterfly Swords

Double Butterfly Swords, Hung Gar

Butterfly Swords, Wing Chun Butterfly

Knives, Combat Steel Butterfly Swords,

Custom Butterfly Swords

1070-GT.gif Japanese Swords

Japanese Swords, Samurai Swords,

Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Movie Swords,

Bokken, Shoto, Suburito

Damascus Straightsword Qing Emperor Shen Guanglong Swords
Hand forged swords
Quality Craftsmanship

Shen Guanglong Swords, Hand-forged

Chinese Swords

Kung Fu Broadsword with Deluxe Fittings Single Broadswords

Single Broadswords, Wood Broadswords, Wushu Broadswords, 

Traditional Broadswords, Combat Steel Broadswords

W0727.gif Tai Chi Swords
(Below $35)

Tai Chi Swords Below $35, Wooden Swords,

Retractable Swords, Wushu Swords

Jian Straightsword Tai Chi Swords

Tai Chi Swords, Straight Swords, Jian,

Double Straightswords, Tai Chi Dao,

Combat Steel Straightswords, Traditional

Straightswords, Wushu Straightswords

Tiao Ao Sword Tai Chi Swords
(Premium Quality)

Tai Chi Swords of Premium Quality,

Decorative Swords, Damascus Swords,

Combat Steel Swords, Collectible Swords,

Cutting Swords, Shaolin Swords

Wushu Competition Straightsword Tai Chi Swords for Wushu Competitions or Performances

Tai Chi Swords for Competition,

Wushu Swords, Flexible Swords,

Snake-blade Sword, Two-Handed Sword,

Double Straightsword, Sharktooth Sword

Ba Gua Dao Traditional Broadswords & Straight Swords

Traditional Broadswords & Straight Swords

WushuBroadswordChrome.gif Wushu Broadswords

Wushu Broadswords, Flexible Broadswords

W319.gif Wushu Straight Swords

Wushu Straightswords, Flexible


DamascusSteelPG.gif Damascus Steel Weapons