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Combat Steel Weapons

Combat Steel Weapons

Sometimes, there's just no substitute for training with a real, combat-able weapon. Training with a live-edge weapon requires the practioner to respect the weapon and devote their full attention to their movements, less they injure themselves or others. WLE carries a full line of combat steel weapons, constructed with either quality high-carbon or stainless steel. For safety, most items are NOT shipped with sharpened edges. However, they are absolutely ready to be sharpened at the owner's discretion.
1011-GT.gif Combat Steel Broadswords and Straight Swords

Combat Steel Swords, Damascus Swords,

Cutting Swords, Stainless Steel Swords,

Custom Swords

Trident Combat Steel Combat Steel Long Weapons

Combat Steel Long Weapons, Combat Steel

Kwan Dao, Tridents, Pudao, Spears, Monk Spade,


W604-C.gif Combat Steel Other Weapons

Combat Steel Other Weapons, E-mei Piercers,

Deer Horn Knives, Chain Whips, Hard Whips,

Tiger Hook Swords, Double Daggers