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Other Martial Art Weapons

Here at Wing Lam Enterprises, Chinese martial arts are our passion. That being said, we hold immense respect for all styles of martial arts, regardless of origin. In keeping with this, we carry a large variety of weapons for various martial styles, including those of Japanese, Okinawan, Korean, and Filipino origin. Our inventory includes Japanese swords, Balisong, Kendo equipment, Escrima sticks, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Ninjutsu equipment, and more.
Bo Staff White Oak Bo and Staffs

Bo and Staffs, Straight Staffs, Tapered

Staffs, Toothpick Bo, Long Poles,

Three Section Staff, Two Section Staff

W185.gif Escrima Sticks & Batons

Escrima Sticks & Batons, Rattan Sticks,

Waxwood Sticks, Graphite Sticks, Nightsticks,

Police Batons

Hardwood Escrima Sticks

1070-GT.gif Japanese Swords

Japanese Swords, Samurai Swords,

Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Movie Swords,

Bokken, Shoto, Suburito

W352.gif Kama

Kama, Steel Kama, Wooden Kama,

Competition Kama, Foam Kama

Kendo Shinai Kendo Weapons & Equipment

Kendo Weapons & Equipment, Shinai,

Bokkan, Shoto, Tatami Mats, Cutting

Stand, Sparring Swords

RC-86-3.gif Ninjutsu Equipment

Ninjutsu Equipment, Ninja Stars, Shuriken,

Hand Claws, Foot Claws, Grappling Hooks,

Japanese Swords

Cord Nunchaku Crakle Octagon Nunchaku

Nunchaku, Bruce Lee Nuchaku, Graphite

Nunchaku, Foam Padded Nunchaku, Retractable

Nunchaku, 8" Nunchaku, 12" Nunchaku, 14" Nunchaku

alumoctsai.gif Sai and Tonfa

Sai and Tonfa, Wooden Tonfa,

Foam Rubber Tonfa, Aluminum Sai,

Steel Sai

Kung Fu Pipe Telescopic Brass Pipe