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Lion Dance

Lion Dance

All our lion heads are specially designed and hand crafted by top artisans in China. The heads are constructed with a strong bamboo framework, covered with layers of rice papers, then hand painted and decorated with strings, fringed tassels, and bells in multiple colors. The head is light in weight yet strong and designed to be easily handled by either beginners or advanced lion dance practitioners.

All the lion sets come with a traditional full length body and tail as one single unit. The body and tail are hand sewn and designed to match the head’s color scheme and decorative styling. The tail is made with a light weight nylon lining and covered with silk and fur.

LION DANCE SET DISCOUNT:  Order any combination of Lion Dance Set and Lion Dance Drum and we will take 10% off the total price when processing your order.

Lion Dance Drum Lion Dance Drum

Lion Dance Drum Equipment

Brass Cymbols Lion Dance Gongs and Cymbals
LC4.gif Lion Dance Head

Lion Dance Head

KFL255.gif Beijing Lion Set
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