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Spears Spear Heads and Tassel

Spear Heads and Tassel

Chinese Kung Fu Spear heads for wushu and traditional martial arts training, practice and competition. Selection includes combat, stainless steel, and chrome plated steel heads. Spear heads available in sizes 14", 12.5", 11.5", 11", 10", 9 7/8", 9", 8", and 7.5" with a price range of $6.95 to $69.95.  View our selection of spear heads affixed to White Wax Wood staffs here 


W036.gif Big War Combat Steel Spear Head
W035.gif Extra Fancy Combat Steel Spear Head
W037.gif Hand-Forged Stainless Combat Steel Spear head

Available in 9 7/8", 11", 12.5" 

Spear Tassel, Trident, Coin Spade, Kung Fu Weapon Tassel Spear Tassel
Spear, Coin spade, Trident Tassel
W031UL.gif Ultra Light Steel Spear Head
W031L.gif Steel Spear Head - Large
Spear Head 11.5"
W031M.gif Steel Spear Head - Medium
Spear Head 10"
W031S.gif Steel Spear Head - Small
Spear Head 8"