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Wing Lam Enterprises Inc. Tai Chi and Taijiquan Products

Tai Chi and Taijiquan Products

Wing Lam Enterprises carries a large inventory of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) products and supplies, covering all styles including Sun, Yang, Chen, Hao, and Wu. We carry Taiji straightswords (jian), broadswords (dao), and Tai Chi fan. Besides weapons, we also carry books and dvds covering the art of Taiji, as well as shoes and uniforms. In addition, we also provide the Tai Chi Ruler...an instrument used in Qigong exercises for the promotion of health and flexibility.
VY052-DVD.gif Tai Chi DVD

Tai Chi DVD, Yang Tai Chi, Chen Tai Chi,

Wudang Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword

M134CD.gif Music
B514.gif Tai Chi Books
2062-GT.gif Tai Chi Swords

Tai Chi Swords, Wushu Straightswords,

Traditional Straightswords, Combat Steel

Straightswords, Hand-forged Swords

Tai Chi Fan Deluxe Kung Fu Fans

Kung Fu Fans, Tai Chi Fans,

Steel Fans

Kung Fu,Martial Arts,Tai Chi, uniforms Kung Fu & Tai Chi Style Uniforms

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Uniforms, Long Gowns,

Silk Uniforms, Cotton Uniforms

Feiyue Shoes Kung Fu Shoes

Kung Fu Shoes, Feiyue Shoes, Martial Arts Shoes

Kung Fu Boots, Wing Tsun Shoes,

Tai Chi Shoes, Zori Sandals


Tai-Chi-Ruler.gif Tai Chi Ruler