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Kung Fu Shoes

WLE carries many different styles of kung fu shoes and martial arts shoes for wushu, traditional kung fu, Taiji and other internal styles, or any style of martial art. Among this selection of shoes are white feiyues and black feiyues (particularly popular for wushu), traditional kung fu slippers and boots, Tai Chi slippers, and several styles of Shaolin Monk shoes. In addition, we carry two variations of the Japanese style tatami slippers.

NOTE: It can be difficult converting US sizes to European and even more so given some of the inconsistencies that can occur in products imported from China. We are doing our best to make sure our size charts lead you to the correct size. For additional assistance in finding your size, please consult this guide.

Black Feiyue Shoes Black Feiyue Kung Fu Shoes
Feiyue Shoes Feiyue Kung Fu Shoes
Kung Fu Shoes Kung Fu Shoes
Martial Arts Shoes Martial Art Shoes
Monk Lohan Shoes Shaolin Lohan Shoes (Monk’s Walking Shoes)
Shaolin Monk Shoes Black Shaolin Monk Shoes
Shaolin Monk Shoes-Black
Shaolin Monk Shoes Orange Shaolin Monk Shoes - Orange
Zori Sandals Straw Zori Sandals
Tai Chi Shoes Tai Chi Shoes
Kung Fu Boots Traditional Kung Fu Boots -- Hand made from China
Price and options are varied.
Traditional Leather-sole Hand-made Kung Fu Shoes
U050.gif White Kung Fu Shoes
U075.gif Women's Tai Chi Shoes
Zori Sandals X X-style Straw Zori Sandals
Price and options are varied.