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Here you will find colored Kung Fu belts/sashes, metal studded leather belts for the waist or wrist, martial arts patches, and headbands. In traditional Kung Fu, belts are not used as a system of ranking, they are used to hold up your pants and provide you with extra lower back support. The studded wrist braces can turn your forearms into devastating weapons and provide extra wrist support while the studded belt was worn as combat armor. These belts not only protect your flanks, they also provide extra lower back support just like a weight lifting belt. We offer cotton and satin Kung Fu uniforms for practice or formal demonstrations that have traditional frog-style buttons in either long or short sleeve.

In the Clothing section you’ll find our "embroidered" line made of quality materials and are adorned with Chinese calligraphy in a subtle and tasteful manner. Also in the Clothing section For Kwoon fans, you’ll find The Devil Hates Kung Fu T-shirts and the authentic T-shirts worn by the cast. The Patch selection has 27 patches of various martial arts styles. We have nine types of martial arts shoes, including the Chinese hand-made traditional soft black boots for Kung Fu and monk shoes. Training pants come either with or without pockets. Looking for authentic Shaolin monk clothing? Look no further, you’ll find them in the Uniforms from Shaolin section; robes, leg wraps, even Shaolin socks. Of course our favorite wear for everyday practice and for the Wing Lam Kung Fu School is found in the Wing Lam Wear section.

U101.gif Clothing

Clothing, Hats, T-shirts

Kung Fu,Martial Arts,Tai Chi, uniforms Kung Fu & Tai Chi Style Uniforms

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Uniforms, Long Gowns,

Silk Uniforms, Cotton Uniforms

U004.gif Training Pants

Training Pants, Shaolin Kung

Fu Training Pants

U001W.gif Wing Lam Wear

Wing Lam Wear, T-Shirts, Tanktops,


Monk Robes Shaolin Monk Uniforms

Shaolin Monk Uniforms, Shaolin Monk

Robes, Shaolin T-Shirts, Monk Vests,

Shaolin Leg Wraps, Shaolin Shoes

WingTsun Uniforms

Wing Tsun Uniforms, Student T-Shirts,

Instructor T-Shirts, Wing Tsun Shoes,

Technician Suits, Pants

Feiyue Shoes Kung Fu Shoes

Kung Fu Shoes, Feiyue Shoes, Martial Arts Shoes

Kung Fu Boots, Wing Tsun Shoes,

Tai Chi Shoes, Zori Sandals


U009.gif Kung Fu Belts and Sashes

Kung Fu Belts and Sashes, Corded Belts,

Satin Sashes

TD76.gif Martial Arts Accessories

Martial Arts Accessories, Headbands,

Keychains, Hats

U016.gif Martial Arts Patches

Martial Arts Patches, Kung Fu Patches,

Karate Patches, TKD Patches, Weapon


01627.gif Duffel Bags

Duffel Bags

Wall Flags Wall Flags
Flags of America, Japan and Korea
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