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Martial Art Weapons

We carry an enormous selections of martial arts weapons. We constantly expand our martial arts weapons inventory to encompass almost all styles of martial arts, including (but not limited to):  Hung Kuen, Bak Sil Lum (Northern Shaolin), Taijiquan, Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, Wushu, Animal styles (eagle, monkey, tiger, crane, snake, etc.), Chin Na, Aikido, Karate,Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kenpo, Iaido, Kendo, Tang Soo Do, Escrima, Kali, Arnis de Mano, and Ninjutsu.  We provide weapons suitable for practice, demonstration and performance, and tournament competition, as well as providing options for weapon sparring and safe practice.

This massive collection of martial arts weapons includes staffs (bo staff), swords, spears, nunchaku, sai, flexible weapons (whip chain, rope dart, manriki, shoge, etc.), flails, knives, shuriken, axes, long weapons and polearms, shields, and more.  Our inventory includes both new and antique weapons, as well as custom weapons of Sifu Wing Lam's own design.  If you can't find it here, there's a good chance we can have it made.  


If you are looking for Swords, please visit our Martial Arts Swords web page.

Bo Staff White Oak Bo and Staffs

Bo and Staffs, Straight Staffs, Tapered

Staffs, Toothpick Bo, Long Poles,

Three Section Staff, Two Section Staff

Traditional Broadsword with Scabbard Broadswords

Broadswords, Wushu Broadswords,

Traditional Broadswords, Wood Broadswords 

Combat Steel Broadswords, Double Broadswords,

Double Butterfly Swords, Miao Dao,

Tai Chi Broadswords

2057GT.gif Cases & Racks

Cases & Racks, Weapon Racks,

Sword Bags, Staff Carriers, Weapon


2062-GT.gif Tai Chi Swords

Tai Chi Swords, Wushu Straightswords,

Traditional Straightswords, Combat Steel

Straightswords, Hand-forged Swords

W027.gif Wushu Weapons

Wushu Weapons, Wushu Swords,

Whip Chains, Wushu Staffs, Spears,

Wushu Daggers, Lightweight Weapons

Wushu Spear Deluxe Custom Fitted Spears

Custom Fitted Spears, Long Spears,

Combat Spears

Combat Steel Butterfly Swords Double Weapons

Double Weapons, Double Butterfly Swords,

Double Broadswords, Deer Horn Knives,

Double Daggers, Sun & Moon rings,

Wind and Fire Wheels

Dragon Pole Wing Tsun Dragon Long Poles

Dragon Long Poles, Teak Long Poles,

Oak Long Poles, Waxwood Long Poles

W185.gif Escrima Sticks & Batons

Escrima Sticks & Batons, Rattan Sticks,

Waxwood Sticks, Graphite Sticks, Nightsticks,

Police Batons

Hardwood Escrima Sticks

VL04S.gif Fantasy Knives and Daggers

Fantasy Knives and Daggers, Replica Weapons,

Master Cutlery Weapons

Three Section Staff Foam Padded with chain link metal ball bearing swivels Flexible Weapons

Flexible Weapons, Chain Whips,

Sectional Staffs, Rope Darts, Meteor

Hammers, Nunchaku

02547.gif Hidden Weapons

Hidden Weapons, Telescopic Batons,

Push Daggers, Telescopic Nunchaku,

Hidden Knives

2118-GT.gif Other Martial Art Weapons

Other Martial Art Weapons, Kama, Sai,

Tonfa, Ninjutsu Equipment, Japanese


Kendo Shinai Kendo Weapons & Equipment

Kendo Weapons & Equipment, Shinai,

Bokkan, Shoto, Tatami Mats, Cutting

Stand, Sparring Swords

W453.gif Long Weapons

Long Weapons, Spears, Bladed Long

Weapons, Pointed Long Weapons, Staffs,

Long Poles

Meteor Hammer Miscellaneous Weapons

Miscellaneous Weapons, Hidden Weapons,

Weapon Accessories, Security & Home Safety,

Rubber Knives, Rubber Guns

Spear Spears

Spears, Wushu Spears, Traditional

Spears, Custom Spears

Wolf Teeth Club Combat Combat Steel Weapons

Combat Steel Weapons, Combat Steel Swords,

Combat Steel Long Weapons

W298.gif Throwing Weapons

Throwing Weapons, Shuriken, Ninja Stars,

Throwing Knives, Steel Cards, Rope Darts

Kwan Dao Green Dragon Traditional Weapons

Traditional Weapons, Traditional Swords,

Traditional Long Weapons

VSL26W.gif Master Kits

Weapon Master Kits, Sword Kits,

Spear Kits, Double Weapon Kits

W104C.gif Custom and Exotic Weapons

Custom and Exotic Weapons, Damascus

Swords, Customer Butterfly Swords,

Cutting Sword, Cusom-made Swords

High Quality Straight Sword Tassel Weapon Accessories

Weapon Accessories: Weapon Flags, Rope Dart Flags,

Broadsword Flags,Sword Tassels, Spear Tassels,

Sword Cleaning Kits, Three section staff swivels, 

Tai Chi Fan Deluxe Kung Fu Fans

Kung Fu Fans, Tai Chi Fans,

Steel Fans

DamascusSteelPG.gif Damascus Steel Weapons
ANT002_small.jpg Antique Weapons

Antique Weapons, Antique Swords,

Antique Kwan Dao