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Combat Steel 7 Section Chain Whip

The Chain Whip was designed for one purpose: the generation of a devastating concussive force. Speed and weight are the reigning factors in the amount of power a strike will deliver, and Sifu Wing Lam’s design exhibits the heft absent in most examples without compromising the quickness. The 7-Section Whip possesses 7 strong links plus the ergonomic wooden handle. Each link has a square-shaped cross-section that is 3/8” thick. The connecting rings must also be heavy-duty because of the additional stress of added weight; thusly, we have made them almost a Ό” thick. Train with a real weapon!

Overall Length: 44.75” (3’ 8.75”)
Handle Length: 4.88”
Link Length: 4.13” each
Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Stock#: WS102
Price: $109.95 $89.95 On Sale!

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