Straight Staffs-Straight Bo Staff

WLE direct importers of Straight Staffs for Martial Arts training, demonstrations, and competition. We offer quality Rattan Straight bo staff in Finished or Burned lengths of 50", 60" and 72". Other Straight Staffs include the Red Oak and White Oak Bo, Graphite, Cambodian Hardwood, and Monkey King Staff. The Graphite 3 piece bo is a great straight staff for traveling.

The Rattan Straight Staff is a light and flexible material that is an excellent choice for sparring training, demonstrations, and tournaments. Rattan is splinter resistant and smooth. The Wax Wood Straight Staff is an excellent choice for performance. Due to its flexibility and resistance to splintering a wax wood staff is also an excellent choice for forms that have ground strikes with the staff. Wax Wood comes in two styles, Natural and Milled. The Red Oak Straight Staff and White Oak Straight Staff are considered to be the perfect material for those wanting a staff that is a combat weapon. Oak staffs are an excellent choice for those who want to do strength and conditioning training. The Graphite Straight Staff is great for forms, graphite is smooth, warp resistant and available in black, red, and blue. The Foam Rubber Straight Staff is great for the beginners that are just learning sparring. The Metal Straight Staff is made from cold rolled steel tubing and able to support some of the movements in the form like climbing the pole. Both ends are capped with a ball bearing inside the tube that can roll back and forth. The staff has a chrome plated finish and can be used in Hung Gar and other staff forms as well.